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NOTE: Due to Laura Lee’s busy schedule since her new book “Got Ghosts??? the Bizarre but True tales of The Ghostbuster Gals” was released, and also due to the number of First Wave Indigos waking up and needing assistance, she is only booking consultations with First Wave Indigos.

When having a Private Phone Consultation with Laura Lee Mistycah, there are a variety of options you can have. The following are some examples:

  • Remote Body Scanning and Correction Transmissions: Since time and space are relative to perception, some of the same work that is done in person can also be done long distance, with a high level of efficiency. Body scanning for physical deficiencies and disorders is one of these. If the proper environment is created, Laura Lee is capable of doing remote scanning, and then transmit correction blueprints for reception, much the same way radio and TV Information is transmitted. Although you are not there in the radio station to hear the music personally, when it is broadcasted, if you are tuned into the right frequency, you can pick it up on your receiver and hear the music with great clarity and enjoyment. If you are aware and open to this method, you could be very useful and beneficial to you.

  • Remote Pet Scanning and Correction Transmissions: Using the same principles as before, work can be done for ailing pets. Laura Lee has many pet tales to tell. Read some of these amazing stories in "Pet Tales" on this web site.

  • Physical and Emotional Disorder Intuitive Advice and Guidance: Laura Lee seems to have a gift for being able to identify "what’s ailing you," and help you help yourself back into balance. Many people say that they feel better by just talking to her and hearing her voice…especially when she helps you see the humorous side to some of your challenges and dramas.

  • Business Advice: Many people have gone to Laura Lee for help in the business world. She has been of great value to assist people in their vocations and businesses, as she helps them see their assets and identify options they may have overlooked or been totally unaware of before. Through her insight and intuition, she has helped guide many business decisions into success and expansion by locating "hidden aces" they didn’t know they had.

  • First Wave Indigo Readings: Indigo Children/Young Adults are wired differently than other people and it can be difficult for them to understand how to make sense out of their world. Laura Lee's book Living in an Indigo House gives answers to the mysteries of their complicated lives. In these readings you can also get information on what some of your Spiritual Contracts/Agreements are, Who your spirit guides and guardians are, and encouragement in fulfilling your mission here.

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