Electro-Magnetic Debris Sweep/Release

As we move through the day to day stresses in our lives, we can unknowingly attract or pick up and imbed electro-magnetic debris from our environment, and the people around us. In addition to this, we can create this kind of garbage ourselves from our negative or unloving thoughts and reactions to our experiences. When this energy builds up, it can make us fatigued, restless, irritable, depressed, or even disoriented. Eventually if this energy imbeds into our physical body, it can cause aching, soreness, or hypersensitivity in the tissues.

(When I get overloaded with electromagnetic garbage, I can hear my body screaming at me "Help, Help….Get this muck off me!…..Sweep me …..Sweep me! ….I cant stand it any more!)

If this physical manifestation happens, you can to a minimal extent, sweep yourself, but it is so much nicer to have someone else do this for you so you can relax and enjoy it….. (besides, it is pretty darned hard to sweep your own back!)

CAUTION: When you sweep someone, you will want to make sure that you are aware of what you are pulling off, and how to neutralize it so you don’t just leave it there to pollute your house or the environment wherever you are when you pull it off!

I like to use Aurauralite/Aulmauracite Rocks to help me burn the gunk off and neutralize it, (or candles if you haven't gotten your Aulmauracite rocks yet).

Sweeping Instructions

Take both hands, and starting from one joint such as the shoulder,with an alternating motion, one hand and then the other, move your hands down their arm toward their fingertips … and then off their body completely. This can be done with slow, deliberate motions, or with swift brushing strokes. Both are valuable, and do different things

CAUTION: Do not stop in the middle, and go back up the arm!!!! This backs the garbage up like a sewer backing up!!!

Sometimes you will find so much gunk on someone, that your hands get full and start to cramp up. If this happens, continue to the next joint such as the elbow, or wrist, and with both hands, act as if you are grabbing it, and pull it off the sides of the joint using a snapping motion…..and then flick it into the candle, or pick up an Aurauralite/Aulmauracite Rock or Pendant, for total dissolving and neutralizing of the debris

If this is done properly, the person you are assisting will actually be able to feel the stuff being pulled or swept off!!! Continue the sweeping until there is no residue left….or until the sweeper gets tired and has to quit. (This debris sweeping feels so good, that the one being swept will most likely bribe or beg you not to quit!!!)

This sweeping can be done on the Arms (shoulder to fingertips), Legs (hip to toes), Neck (front to back or back to front), Head, Ears, Spine, and from Head to Toe….just remember, once you start, don’t stop until you get to the end and make sure you don’t brake contact unless you are at a joint…and then pull it off the sides!!

As you’re sweeping someone, or are being swept, be conscious of your breathing, and use slow deep breaths, or quick forceful exhale breaths to move this energy quicker and more efficiently. When this method is done right, it works every time!!! …..So find a sweeping partner, some candles or Aurauralite, and clean up some of the electromagnetic toxic waste you’ve been collecting. Your body will be thrilled!

Classes on Elector-Magnetic Debris Sweeping are being taught by Laura Lee Mistycah in her Cutting Edge Healing Modality Labs. For more information on how you can attend one of these III level labs check our schedule.

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