Deep Tissue Compression Stimulation

There are times when Debris Sweeping just doesn’t get deep enough. Sometimes the emotional and electro-magnetical garbage has lodged itself…..and even locked itself, deep in the muscle tissues.

When this happens we need deep compression to "let the steam out." The release and relief from this modality of healing is phenomenal. Many times with this type of "garbage dumping," there will be visions and memory releasal of the incident that occurred, which caused the trauma/debris in the first place. This is an excellent time to "get it with it.....and get rid if it once and for all!" If this modality is also coupled with breath and vocal chord releasing, the results can be amplified even farther.

This deep compression work can be very healing if the practitioner knows what they are doing and how best to free this penned up energy. When you choose a practitioner for this type of work, you may want to be aware that a good one will know what to do with the energy once it is released. They will also honor you and your pain tolerance, as some of these points can be extremely tender to the touch, and need to be nurtured as the compression gets deeper. A good therapist is cognizant of this, and knows how to release the stress as they go deeper, so that it actually "Hurts Good."

(If you have ever had one of these sessions, then you know what "Hurts Good" means!)

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