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What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology, or Muscle Response Testing (M.R.T.) is a method of tapping into our own bio-computers and retrieving valuable information about our physical and emotional state, much of which we may have no conscious awareness or understanding of. Through the use of M.R.T., the efficiency, (or deficiencies) of the physical body can be detected, and then a custom designed program can be created to correct any of those deficiencies.

With the use of M.R.T. you can fairly accurately identify: nutritional deficiencies, proper daily intake of specific nutrients, food and environmental allergies, whether or not a supplement is helpful or harmful to your particular chemistry, internal organ and gland malfunctions, muscle-skeletal misalignments, origins of emotional and physical problems, and also if someone is telling the truth.

How does it work?

M.R.T. is a science of detecting subtle changes in the body’s energy field, through the measurement of the strength or weakness of the muscles. When the body hears something about itself that is inaccurate, it weakens the entire system for 2-5 seconds. When an acupoint is stimulated or energy directed toward a specific organ, and that organ is weak, the entire system weakens for 2-5 seconds. One of the systems that is greatly affected is the muscular system, so by using this amazing phenomena, we can test the strength of any muscle, to detect imbalances anywhere in the body.

There are many computer type machines available that do an excellent job of measuring these subtle energies, but a simpler, more portable unit, is found literally in your hands! Muscle testing with your fingers can be done in a variety of ways, but the accuracy depends on the practitioner, and how good they are in being neutral and staying out of attempting to control the results or outcome. A good practitioner also is intuitive enough to know what questions to ask. The research and experiments that have been done with Kinesiology are getting more extensive and mainstream. It is now becoming a very respected information recovery tool.

Classes on M.R.T. are being taught by Laura Lee Mistycah in her Cutting Edge Healing Modality Labs. For more information on how you can attend one of these III level labs, check our schedule.

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