There are Reflexes in your hands, feet, and ears that are relative to every body part and organ. By stimulating these reflexes, you can bring the body back into balance and create a state of homeostasis. Reflexology is a method of stimulating those reflexes with firm or deep compression, and if done properly, can cause an instant response of regeneration, detoxification, and healing.

Have you ever wondered why it feels so good to have your feet rubbed? 7,200 nerve endings in each foot could be one of the reasons!

Many people think that Reflexology and acu-pressure were done only by the ancient Chinese, but there is proof that this healing art was done in other parts of the world too. In this picture, taken from the physicians tomb in Egypt, is clearly a rendition of hand and foot Reflexology being done. The translation of the Hieroglyphics show the one being worked on, or the patient saying "Don’t hurt me"…….and then the practitioner responds with "I shall act so you praise me"

Here is a map of the foot that shows you where the reflexes are. It is interesting to note, that the reflexes are set up in the feet, anatomically correct as to how they are in the body. The toes representing the head, the ball of the foot representing the chest, the arch representing the stomach and abdomen, and the heel representing the lower back and pelvic area. It was also fascinating to me that the spine and the foot….if turned to the side, have the same double "S" curve….the joint of the big toe representing the axis-Altus, the root of the big toe representing the 7th cervical, the arch of the foot represents the thoracic, the heel represents the lumbar, and curling back toward the ankle represents the coccyx.

This method of deep tissue compression can be very healing, but also extremely sensitive in certain areas, and when choosing a practitioner, you will want to find someone who understands how energy moves, and how to release the stress as they compress deeper into the tissues. This method also, if done properly, will "hurt Good."

Classes on Reflexology are being taught by Laura Lee Mistycah in her Cutting Edge Healing Modality Labs. For more information on how you can attend one of these III level labs check our schedule.

For reference material, I would highly recommend The International Institute of Reflexology. The books that were written by Dewight Byers, the president of the institute are excellent, and very user friendly. Their address and contact numbers are:

International Institute of Reflexology
5650 First Avenue North
P.O. Box 12642
St. Petersburg, FL. 33733

Phone (727) 343-4811
Fax (727) 381-2817

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