Rapid Eye Movement Therapy

One of the newer cutting edge emotional release therapies available, is rapid eye therapy. The premise for this therapy is that if you can simulate the state you are in during R.E.M. sleep, you can bypass your defense mechanisms, and get into the classified files and delete the no longer useful ones, and then submit a new file that is!

This therapy is very non-evasive, and if you do not want to talk about the incident specifically, you can instead, identify the emotions it causes. This maintains certain confidence levels, and allows the emotions of an otherwise hidden and protected deep dark secret that is torturing you, to be addressed and released.

The way this is accomplished is that the therapist has an object, (a stick or a wand) for the client to focus on, and quickly moves it back and forth, in various eye levels and positions, to simulate the movement and fluttering of R.E.M. The therapist then gives commands to the client to release the traumas and emotions that are surfacing, and these are released via the eyes through rapid blinking.

If you are interested in learning more about this therapy, I would suggest you contact:

The Rapid Eye Institute


581 Lancaster Dr. S.E. Suite 270
Salem OR. 97301
Phone (503) 399-1181
Fax (503) 373-3606

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