Mistyc House Mission Statement

The Goals & Objectives of Mistyc House:

~Educate humans on how big corporations operate by deliberate mismanagement, misinformation, and hoarding money in an effort to control and own the planet and all the life forms living here.

~Free spirits (human & other species) from self-imposed and projected confinements/traps.

~Free the human mind, body & spirit from corruption, disease, control and manipulation through education that inspires action.

~Free animals from needless slaughter/poaching through education that inspires action.

~Free animals who endure a life of inhumane torture and suffering in factory farms through education that inspires action.

~Create a safe haven/shelter for chickens & ducks, and give them a forever home on a sustainable organic homestead at Mistyc House.

~Free plants and animals from genetic manipulation and corruption through education that inspires action.

~Support, utilize and promote permaculture and other sustainable modalities.

~Honor, uphold and spread - Truth & Justice through personal effort and the placement of Aurauralite/Aulmauracite throughout the planet.

~Assist/Support First Wave Indigo Knights and other Cosmic Clean-up Crew Members in remembering and implementing their personal and collective earth contracts/missions.

~Illuminate the planet through Senseless Acts of Random Humor.

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