Party Palace Previews!

Since all of our party packages are supposed to be "Surprise Packages,"
we can’t really divulge any juicy details on what outrageous, absurd,
and sometimes dastardly creative fun we have assembled,
or what exactly is in these packages, because ..…
well, that would be called "Cheating"…..

What we will do however, is give you some hints as to what you as a potential
Sacred Humor Being Party Animal might encounter
when you receive your
Surprise Party Packages!

Each package is unique…..and has it’s own "Title."

All of the Surprise Parties are designed to:

*Inspire creativity in the participating Party Animals.

*Cultivate right brain spontaneity in stiff, uptight left brainers…..and teach the right brainers to think straight, (or at least with a little more structure!)

*Give yourself permission to do outlandish things you never would have done before….. (without the use of chemicals!)

*Make you "rethink" your "previous thinks" about yourself, your world, and the Universe!

*Give each Party Animal a sense of adventure..... formerly only known by people referred to as "Dare Devils."

*And the most important, give all of your Party Animal friends an opportunity to catch up on their "Laughter Quota."


And now, for the first time in Sacred Humor Being History,
we bring you a "Sneak Peek"
.....I mean "Preview"
into some of the most intimate moments of bodacious pleasures.

You are about to see first-hand, our Party Animals in action!

You will never in 100 lifetimes guess what this "Motley Crew" is doing.....
You will just have to order a party and find out.....
(but then don't know "Which Party" this is).....



This next picture is "HARD COPY" evidence that taking the "Non-Alco Hal" challenge can create mega endorphins and the paranormal. The beverage that these "Holy Beings" are drinking is nothing more than "Tootie Fruity Herbal Tea" for Heavens Sakes! It seems that our good Monk acquired the ability to bi-locate, as well as bring in some inter-dimensional energies.....and a lamp on his head!!!

(This is actually the way this photo turned out....
no purposeful double or triple exposures.)


More exclusive photos of other outrageous parties.

Send in your Mistyc House Party Pictures.....
and maybe you too can be a part of this

"Party Animal Play House" photo spread!